1997-2006 Edit

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1997-2006 (Cartoon Network Channel) or (Cartoon Network) 1997-2001 Was a 24/7 Channel for Cartoons But in 2001 They Opended a 9/7 Night Channel Adult Swim With a Opening With The Cartoon Network Channel Logo Change in to Adult Swim Logo and Say (No Kids in the Pool On Adult Swim) 2001-2005.


Cartoon Network logo 2004-2010
2006-2012 (Cartoon Network) 2006- Cartoon Network Was Formed to make it with Toonami 2006-2008 and Come Back in 2011 as it's old Logo and Extra Hours With New Shows From Cartoon Network Ben 10 And Sometimes They Had Total Drama Action In 2009 and 2010 Find out more in Reviewkarla

June 2012-2013Edit

Cartoon Network Third Logo
2012-??? Adult Swim Was Said To End In Late 2012 But Was Continued

And Still Airs From 9:00 PM To 6:00 AM.