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In 1986 Nickelodeon Was the The 1st Channel For Kids In The Av.


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In 1995 Re-opened With Just Orange Flag and White Letters With Now Game Shows Like Double Dare In 2005 Ended The Flag as it Got Old and Replaced 4 Shows Two In June and Two In July After New Logo That Started Runing On May 29th 2005 @ 3pm After Spongebob.


Nickelodeon logo
On May 29th 2005 Nickelodeon On Drake & Josh @ 3pm In 2011 On Worldwide Day Of Play Av 2011 Nickelodeon Came Back With Logo After That Total Drama Action Had a Last Episode @ 8pm Date May 30th 2011 So One Show Ended Just Like In 2005 On Drake & Josh On TEENick @ Just 3pm On Nickelodeon On TEENick.


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In 2009 On 3pm Nickelodeon Changed There Logo and Promos Why? They Wanted To Get Rid of The Splat and Got Rid of The N With Nick jr. and Shows Like Total Drama Action @ 8pm On Nickelodeon The 24/7 Channel With TEENick Now Nickelodeon Teen Block 2 Hours Of TEENick Shows Just Like TEENick